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Exciting events are taking place in one of Lawson’s most historic buildings, the Mechanics Institute at 284 Great Western Highway.

The much loved hall was saved from Great Western Highway roadworks by a concerted community campaign but never fully renovated to cope with the crowds.
Recently The Lawson Hall, also known as the Mechanics Institute Hal, was given a much needed financial boost.
“This is really exciting,” said Clr Romola Hollywood of the unanimous council decision to grant supporters of the hall the money to construct a car park, a disabled toilet and complete refurbishing the back rooms.
“Lawson Hall is much loved and it will be a great community asset,” she added.
Loaded with history, the hall was built by the people of Lawson in 1903 when they carried 40,000 bricks down the highway from the old Lawson Railway Station.
The new $320,000 car park – which supporters hope will be on a semi-permeable surface – will mean up to 100 people will be legally able to attend hall events.
Spokesman for ACMMR [Association of Concerned Mid Mountains Residents], Colin Steele said that without people power “this historic hall would have been demolished”.
“ACMMR is thankful to each and every one of the thousands of people who signed the petitions to save the Lawson Mechanics Institute.”
The full $390,000 of improvements would give the hall, which is home to the Brook Theatre, a longer life “and enhance its appeal as a significant local performing arts centre,” said Friends of the Mechanics Institute committee member, Warren Baker.
Mr Baker said the Mechanics Institute would also undergo upgrades to the building’s electrical system, thanks to a state government grant to the Friends and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services had agreed to fund the reconstruction of the entrance to replace the original portico, which was removed for the widening of the highway.

(From Blue Mountains Gazette September 8 2015)


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