The Lawson Mechanics Institute is again being used as a successful performance venue. Recent events have included Radio Plays by the Brook Theatre, a concert and dance that attracted over 100 people, from young children to grandparents, who danced the night away and thoroughly enjoyed the music supplied by Blue Mountains Folk Club, and two concerts given by the Spooky Men’s Chorale, which packed the hall to capacity.


The Spooky Men’s Chorale have just launched a new album which was CD of the Week at the ABC. They were in top form at the hall and clearly the audience had a great time. Excellent CD sales on the night indicated they are a big hit with the people of the Blue Mountains.

These events have revealed the wealth of talent in the Blue Mountains community. They also reminded attendees that the Lawson Hall is finally regaining its historic splendour as a wonderful space for theatre, music and dancing. The building has been renovated and repaired by Council and the management committee has worked hard to set it up as a space for larger events as well as smaller community activities, such as fencing classes, drama classes and meetings.

Council has approved the use of a grassed parking area to the east of the building and further development of this proposal is underway. This land belongs to the state government (RTA/RMS) who have agreed to a long term lease for Council. There are also many parking spaces in the town centre and Honour Ave, but people are also encouraged to walk, cycle and catch public transport to events, as has been the practice for 110 years from when the building was first opened first opened in 1906. Keep an eye out for exciting events in the future.


Cosi 24th July

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